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Meike Märtens

Together we will work with your strengths and resources. The goal is your self-empowerment and the integration of your trauma into your life.

How can trauma therapy help in your everyday life?

I help traumatised people to gently work through their traumas and achieve a better quality of life.

If you want to address the causes of your symptoms, you have come to the right place. With a view to outer and inner stability, we will approach your traumas together at your pace. In doing so, it is my task to avoid re-traumatisation and to ensure an adequate and positive counterbalance in the form of resources.

Since my practice opened in 2015, I have mainly been treating people who have experienced sexual abuse or ritual abuse. The greatest compliment I can have is when my clients slowly gain hope and notice after a few months of therapy how much has already changed for the better.

Dank Traumatherapie geht eine Frau optimistisch in die Zukunft

How did I find my way to this form of therapy?

I was training to be a naturopath. The teacher announced that the next course would soon start involving trauma therapy training. Trauma therapy? I pricked up my ears and listened more closely. The more she talked about it, the more curious I became. After a conversation and more details about the methods involved, it was immediately clear to me that I wanted to train and work in this area.

That was in 2013. My enthusiasm has remained constant since then. The methods in this field are so diverse. And the potential for treating trauma is enormous. In recent years, I have put together a large toolbox of methods. I will provide you with the tools that suit your needs.

One of my therapeutic principles is self-empowerment. Using the tools I show you how to use, you can continue to work without me. It is important that you gradually gain confidence in the methods and yourself. The further our cooperation progresses, the less you need me to work with you.

Why did I become a trauma therapist?

The best thing for me is being able to give my clients the confidence that their traumas can be processed. This comes from a very deep conviction. Accompanying my clients part of the way and seeing how they integrate their traumas slowly back into their lives – which leads to an enormous improvement in their quality of living – is the reason why I love my profession and do it with full conviction.

My qualifications  

2013 - 2016
Training in trauma therapy with Vera Dreher, arche medica, Berlin

  • Module „Resource-oriented trauma therapy“
  • Module „Complex trauma sequelae“
  • Module „Intervention techniques for psychotherapeutic practice“

Permit to practise medicine professionally (naturopath)

Regular training courses are just as much a matter of course for me as regular supervision and peer observation.

Would you like to work through your trauma and are looking for a suitable method of therapy?

I would be happy to clarify all the details in a personal conversation and find out together whether this could be the right therapy for your needs.